Bromtravels (a source of Bromeliaceae literature and references)

by Leo Dijkgraaf and Eric Gouda, updated:

Previous version of the website by Leo Dijkgraaf

Bromtravels was created and developed by Leo Dijkgraaf and was divided into several parts, like an impression of the Bromeliad Travels Leo made to several Central and South American countries. It had a Genera page with the number of species, which subfamily it belongs to what countries it could be found and habitat information as well as examples images of some species. It also included a section of old icons & botanical art, literature lists, species and cultivar image references and even a slide show. The website has served the Bromeliad community for 20 years with its information.

After Leo decided to get the website offline Febr. 2023, we discussed to keep some of the lists available on the server of the Bromeliad Contact Group (BCG), because the value of all the indexing Leo did from an exhausting source of Bromeliaceae literature. It would have been a loss to the Bromeliad community if this is no longer available.

This new version (2)

This new version will present mainly Bromeliaceae Literature and indices to Bromeliad taxa (species etc.), and we seek collaboration for additional references (books or other sources we do not cover).

Available lists:

Version 2, April 19, 2023 — Access from February 2023: