Contents of journals dedicated to bromeliads (major articles) published in the last 12 months

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Journal of the Bromeliad Society and Die Bromelie

4/2019Die Bromelie (Deutsche Bromelien-Gesellschaft) 2019(1):
Klaus Eistetter, Monika Bruggaier, Andreas Böker, Peter Tristram, Derek Butcher, Walter Till, Paul Isley, Eric Gouda, Len Colgan a.o.: Articles in memory of Renate Ehlers
Monika Bruggaier: On the passing of Rainer Hasselmann
Paul Isley III: The fire (at Rainforest Flora)
3/2019Journal of the Bromeliad Society International 68(2):
Eric Gouda & Jeffrey Kent: A new variety of Guzmania conglomerata from Colombia (var. pyrrosia)
José Manzanares: A new species of Racinaea (Tillandsioideae: Bromeliaceae) from Ecuador (R. cresporum)
Ivón Ramírez Morillo: Studies on Hechtioideae: a story of love and hate
Eric & Renate Gouda: Bromeliad treasure hunting in Peru - part 3
José Manzanares: Cultivation of Racinaea fraseri in Ecuador
Alan Herndon: Bromeliad Society of South Florida show
Alan Herndon: Another note on Guzmania sanguinea
12/2018Die Bromelie (Deutsche Bromelien-Gesellschaft) 2018(3):
Pierre J. Braun & Bruno Gonçalves Brito: Xeromorphic bromeliads from Brazil (2): Encholirium spectabile at the type locality
Michael Wisnev: The confusing tale of Billbergia saundersii and Billbergia chlorosticta- what is the correct name ?
Andreas Böker: From 0 to 3650 m and 8 to 37 °C - Colombia is everything (part 1)
Pierre J. Braun: A new Dyckia from the border area between Minas Gerais and Goiás (Brazil): Dyckia seringeriana
Hermann Prinsler: Greenhouse shading with paint
11/2018Journal of the Bromeliad Society International 68(1):
Nelson Jamarillo, José Manzanares & Ángel Gutiérrez: A new species of Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae) from Loja, Southern Ecuador (T. loxensis)
Leonardo Versieux: Contradicting yourself in taxonomy: new evidence allows the recognition of an overlooked Alcantarea species hypothesis from Bahia, Brazil (A. vandenbergii)
Andrea Oldrini: "Tillandsia, wonders of nature": an italian exhibition event entirely dedicated to the genus
Eric & Renate Gouda: Bromeliad treasure hunting in Peru - part 2
Jamie Males: Understanding the basis of drought tolerance in bromeliads
Nayeli Gomez-Escamilla et al.: The epiphytic bromeliad flora of the RTP Cerros Negro-Yucaño, Oaxaca, Mexico
anonymous: Offsets in the inflorescence ?!
10/2018Journal of the Bromeliad Society International 67(4):
Eric Gouda: Racinaea penduliflora Gouda & Manzanares (2008) is a common species with a large distribution range
Bruce Holst: Exploring for bromeliads in Belize
Linda Sheetz: In memoriam Helga Tarver, 1925-2017
Eric & Renate Gouda: Bromeliad treasure hunting in Peru - part 1
Graeme Barclay: 'Flying Sharks' - Taking Neoregelia carcharodon vertical in New Zealand
Alan Herndon: Guzmania sanguinea var. comosa H. Luther
7/2018Die Bromelie (Deutsche Bromelien-Gesellschaft) 2018(2):
Arne Seringer: Puya - prickly rulers of the Andes
Joachim Saul: Hybrids from the window sill
Pierre J. Braun: Xeromorphic bromeliads from Brazil (1): Dyckia
Gerhard Fischer: Propagating Dyckia by division
Petra Hensel: Six new Hohenbergia are a good reason to ...
Wofgang Teifel: A xerophytic garden on the Canary Island of Lanzarote
Andreas Böker: Dyckia and friends in the winter garden
Luiz Filipe Klein Varella: Tillandsia 'Endler' - likely a natural hybrid between T. stricta and T. geminiflora
Arne Seringer: Unusual things from Brazil - Orthophytum and relatives
Joep Moonen: Bromeliads - observed in Suriname and French Guiana (part 6)
Arne Seringer: The spring meeting of the German Bromeliad Society e.V. in Assendelft and Utrecht / Netherlands
4/2018Die Bromelie (Deutsche Bromelien-Gesellschaft) 2018(1):
Joep Moonen: Sincoraea burle-marxii - a terrestrial beauty from Bahia, Brasil
Pierre Braun: An interesting discovery from the border area between Bolivia and Brazil: Pitcairnia volker-schaedlichii
Peter Tristram: In honour of Franz Georg Gruber (part 2) - Finding another 'Gruberi' in the Colombian Andes
Eric Gouda: Two new Tillandsia species from Cajamarca, Peru (T. ovatispicata and T. pseudo-floribunda)
Jan Claus: Tillandsia chapeuensis var. turriformis - a status report from my cultivation
Pierre Braun & Eddie Esteves Pereira: A new isolated growing species of Encholirium from northern Goiás (Central Brasil): Encholirium josinoi-narcisae
Joep Moonen: Bromeliads - observed in Suriname and French Guiana (part 5)
Arne Seringer & Petra Hensel: Annual general meeting of the DBG from 15. to 17. september 2017 in Halle/Saale
4/2018Journal of the Bromeliad Society International 67(3):
Nancy Groves: 2018 World Bromeliad Conference in San Diego, latest news
Steve Reynolds: 2016 World Bromeliad Conference Report, Houston Texas
José Manzanares: Tillandsioideae safari in Ecuador - 3
Graeme Barclay: Getting the BSI Journal back up-to-date
Jim Georgusius: Putting those Tillandsia roots to work !
Alan Herndon: Notes on the flowering behavior of Orthophytum sucrei
4/2018Journal of the Bromeliad Society International 67(2):
Nancy Groves: The year of the BSI WBC in San Diego at Paradise Point Resort !
Adriana Pico-Villalobos: Distributon of Puya loca near Bogotá, Colombia
Carlos Arzaba-Villalba et al.: Bromelia pinguin L., a valuable resource in the dry tropical forest of Veracruz, Mexico
Peter Cook: Notes from the 2017 Sunny Broms Conference, at Caloundra, Queensland
José Manzanares: Tillandsioideae safari in Ecuador - 2
Alan Herndon: Some observations on flowering behavior of Achmea gamosepala in cultivation
1/2018Journal of the Bromeliad Society International 67(1):
Jeff Chemnick & Pamela Koide-Hyatt: Announcing a pre-conference tour of the Tillandsias & other bromeliads in Southern Mexico ! May 15-May 28, 2018
Leonardo Versieux & Adriene Samara Medeiros: Leaf anatomical characterization of Guzmania Ruiz & Pav. and Mezobromelia L.B. Sm. (Tillandsioideae, Bromeliaceae)
José Manzanares: Tillandsioideae safari in Ecuador - 1
Alan Herndon: Flowering behavior of some Sincoraea species in cultivation. 1. Sincoraea heleniceae