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Neoregelia's as gardenplants (right, bottom),
cultivars at the nursery (below)
and Neoregelia carolinae on a stamp for
the Ghent Floralies 1975.

An event that takes place once in five years in the city of Ghent in Belgium and where amongst other genera of flowering plants the Bromeliaceae are well represented, is called the Ghent Floralies. Nurseries from many countries participate in this horticultural exhibition.

The picture with Neoregelia carolinae with the postage stamp was issued commemorating the Floralies in 1975.
The text translates as follows:
"This not very demanding plant belongs to the family of the bromeliads, like for example the pineapple. The young leaves are carmine colored; the lightblue flowers have a very short stem and appear in the centre cup of the leaves where there always must be some water present. When in flower this can lead to an unpleasant smell and it has to be refreshed often. In full sun the leaves are turning reddish; when the lower leaves are crumpling, the plant is held too dry and below 10°C it is not in it's element. The potting mix has to be kept humid but not wet. The ideal composition of this is 1/3 fir-needles, 1/3 potting compost of oak- and beechleaves and 1/3 sphagnum."