- Literature-list : publications, old and new, dedicated to bromeliads.

- Books 2000+ : an overview of books and CD-ROM's published since 2000. And pictures of the covers of all books since 1857 !

- New species 2000+ : the names of new and renamed taxa and also new synonyms since 2000.

- Bromeliad Cultivar Picture Index : an index of pictures of cultivars.

- Bromeliad Species Picture Index : an index of pictures of botanical species.

The Picture Indexes include a variety of publications (books, journals and electronic media). Many pictures can be accessed via the index, including those on this website and also hundreds of drawings that were published in old horticultural and botanical works. The names of all included publications are displayed in the topframe, the Index is loaded in the lower frame.

The Bromeliad Species Picture Index contains extra information: it lists the names of every bromeliad genus with all the species, with mention of author, year of description and synonyms in the following lay-out:.
for a genus-entry:
GENUS (genustype) Author Year
SYNONYMS ('-' if none)
for a species-entry:
Genus species Author Year.Publication
Synonyms ('-' if none)
publication-codes for the pictures, two characters in capitals, preceded by '_'; the same codes are also used for the publicationdata of speciesnames.
The author-name for a synonym is given only in case of a homonym, meaning that the same speciesname is used for some other plant (species) too. A synonym followed by publicationdata (year.publication) relates to the author whose name is in parentheses behind the current speciesname; usually this is the basionym (except if there is a 'nomen novum' in the history of this taxon). A question mark indicates the dubious status as synonym.

Explanation of the notation as used with the publication-codes:
for books the publicationcode is followed by pagenumber or platenumber,
for journals by volume:pagenumber or by volume(journalnumber):pagenumber ;
after this the type of illustration is given in case the default in the list of publication-codes is not applicable.
,indicates separation between pagenumbers within same publication
+indicates separation between different volumes of a journal
:indicates separation between volume and pagenumber
(.)indicates number of journal (or 's' for special issue)