J. Aguirre-Santoro: Taxonomy of the Ronnbergia alliance (Bromeliaceae: Bromelioideae): new combinations, synopsis, and new circumscriptions of Ronnbergia and the resurrected genus Wittmackia.
Plant Systematics and Evolution e-published 7 march 2017.

New/current name Old name

RONNBERGIA E. Morren & André (type: Ronnbergia morreniana Linden & André)

Ronnbergia aciculosa (Mez & Sodiro) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea aciculosa Mez & Sodiro
Ronnbergia allenii (L.B. Smith) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea allenii L.B. Smith
Ronnbergia campanulata Gilmartin & H. Luther
Ronnbergia columbiana E. Morren

Ronnbergia deleonii L.B. Smith
Ronnbergia drakeana (André) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea drakeana André
Ronnbergia explodens L.B. Smith
Ronnbergia fraseri (Baker) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea fraseri Baker

Ronnbergia germinyana (Carrière) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea germinyana (Carrière) Baker
Ronnbergia hathewayi L.B. Smith
Ronnbergia involucrata (André) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea involucrata André
Ronnbergia killipiana L.B. Smith

Ronnbergia maidifolia Mez
Ronnbergia morreniana Linden & André
Ronnbergia nidularioides H. Luther
Ronnbergia petersii L.B. Smith

Ronnbergia subpetiolata (L.B. Smith) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea subpetiolata L.B. Smith
Ronnbergia tonduzii (Mez & Pittier ex Mez) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea tonduzii Mez & Pittier ex Mez
Ronnbergia veitchii (Baker) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea veitchii Baker
Ronnbergia viridispica (Aguirre-Santoro & Betancur) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea viridispica Aguirre-Santoro & Betancur

Ronnbergia weberbaueri (Harms) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea weberbaueri Harms
Ronnbergia wuelfinghoffii (E. Gross) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea wuelfinghoffii E. Gross

WITTMACKIA Mez (lectotype: Bromelia lingulata L.)

Wittmackia abbreviata (L.B. Smith & Proctor) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia abbreviata L.B. Smith & Proctor
Wittmackia altocaririensis (Leme & L. Kollmann) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea altocaririensis Leme & L. Kollmann
Wittmackia amorimii (Leme) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea amorimii Leme
Wittmackia andersoniana (Leme & H. Luther) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea andersoniana Leme & H. Luther

Wittmackia antillana (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia antillana Mez
Wittmackia bicolor (L.B. Smith) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea bicolor L.B. Smith
Wittmackia brasiliensis (E. Pereira & I.A. Penna) Aguirre-Santoro Ronnbergia brasiliensis E. Pereira & I.A. Penna,
      Aechmea subintegerrima (Philcox) Leme (syn. nov.)
Wittmackia burle-marxii (E. Pereira) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea burle-marxii E. Pereira

Wittmackia canaliculata (Leme & H. Luther) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea canaliculata Leme & H. Luther
Wittmackia carvalhoi (Martinelli & Leme) Aguirre-Santoro Ronnbergia carvalhoi Martinelli & Leme
Wittmackia caymanensis (Britton ex L.B. Smith) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia caymanensis Britton ex L.B. Smith
Wittmackia distans (Grisebach) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia distans (Grisebach) Baker,
      Hohenbergia brittoniana L.B. Smith (syn. nov.)

Wittmackia eriostachya (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia eriostachya Mez
Wittmackia fawcettii (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia fawcettii Mez
Wittmackia froesii (L.B. Smith) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea froesii (L.B. Smith) Leme & J.A. Siqueira
Wittmackia gregaria (Leme & L. Kollmann) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea gregaria Leme & L. Kollmann

Wittmackia incompta (Leme & H. Luther) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea incompta Leme & H. Luther
Wittmackia inermis (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia inermis Mez
Wittmackia ituberaensis (Leme & L. Kollmann) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea ituberaensis Leme & L. Kollmann
Wittmackia jamaicana (L.B. Smith & Proctor) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia jamaicana L.B. Smith & Proctor

Wittmackia laesslei (L.B. Smith) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia laesslei L.B. Smith
Wittmackia laevigata (Leme) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea laevigata Leme
Wittmackia limae (Leme) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea limae Leme
Wittmackia lingulata (Linnaeus) Mez Aechmea lingulata (Linnaeus) Baker

Wittmackia lingulatoides (Leme & H. Luther) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea lingulatoides Leme & H. Luther
Wittmackia linharesiorum (Leme) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea linharesiorum Leme
Wittmackia maranguapensis (Leme & Scharf) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea maranguapensis Leme & Scharf
Wittmackia mesoamericana (I. Ramírez, G. Carnevali & W. Cetzal) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia mesoamericana I. Ramírez, G. Carnevali & W. Cetzal

Wittmackia negrilensis (Britton ex L.B. Smith) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia negrilensis Britton ex L.B. Smith
Wittmackia neoregelioides (Leme) Aguirre-Santoro Ronnbergia neoregelioides Leme
Wittmackia patentissima (Martius ex Schultes fil. ) Mez Aechmea patentissima (Martius ex Schultes fil. ) Baker
Wittmackia penduliflora (A. Richard) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia penduliflora (A. Richard) Mez

Wittmackia pendulispica (Leme & L. Kollmann) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea pendulispica Leme & L. Kollmann
Wittmackia pernambucentris (J.A. Siqueira & Leme) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea pernambucentris J.A. Siqueira & Leme
Wittmackia polycephala (Baker) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia polycephala (Baker) Mez,
      Hohenbergia gnetacea Mez (syn. nov.)
Wittmackia portoricensis (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia portoricensis Mez

Wittmackia rohan-estyi (Proctor, Aguirre-Santoro & K. Campbell) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia rohan-estyi Proctor, Aguirre-Santoro & K. Campbell
Wittmackia silvana (Leme) Aguirre-Santoro Ronnbergia silvana Leme
Wittmackia spinulosa (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia spinulosa Mez
Wittmackia sulbahianensis (Leme, Amorim & J.A. Siqueira) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea sulbahianensis Leme, Amorim & J.A. Siqueira

Wittmackia tentaculifera (Leme, Amorim & J.A. Siqueira) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea tentaculifera Leme, Amorim & J.A. Siqueira
Wittmackia turbinocalyx (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea turbinocalyx Mez,
      Aechmea curranii (L.B. Smith) L.B. Smith & M.A. Spencer (syn. nov.)
Wittmackia urbaniana (Mez) Aguirre-Santoro Hohenbergia urbaniana Mez,
      Hohenbergia proctorii L.B. Smith (syn. nov.)
Wittmackia viridostigma (Leme & H. Luther) Aguirre-Santoro Aechmea viridostigma Leme & H. Luther