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Publication-codes are in capitals - those in bold characters have images accessible via the bromeliad picture index (lower frame), click here for an explanation of type-of-picture codes.
Note: For images of cultivars see also Bromeliad Cultivar Register (BSI), Bromeliad Society of Australia photo index, FCBS and Tropiflora Nursery.

BA c Bromeliaceae, Journal of the Bromeliad Society of Queensland Inc. vol.39-49 2005-2015
BH c U. & U. Baensch: Blühende Bromelien (Blooming Bromeliads) 1994
BQ p La Belgique Horticole vol.1-35 1851-1885
BS c Journal of the Bromeliad Society Int. vol.21-67 1971-2017, also some pictures of Bromeliad Society Bulletins (pre-1971)
DB c Die Bromelie 1980-2018 Deutsche Bromelien-Gesellschaft, also special issues Red-flowering brasilian Tillandsia's 1996 (s3), Puya raimondii 1999 (s4), Tillandsia tectorum - complex 2005 (s5)
DH h Berlin-Dahlem Botanischer Garten Herbarium INTERNET 9/2011
DP c Der Palmengarten (Frankfurt am Main) vol. 35-60 1971-1996, also special issues Bromelien vol.52(s) 1988 and Pflanzenwelt Chili vol.56(s) 1992
FV c Newsletter of the San Fernando Valley Bromeliad Society 2013-2018
GF p Gartenflora (Erlangen) vol.1-54 1852-1905
GL c K. Golinski: Bromagic world of bromeliads *CD-ROM* 1997
IH p# L'Illustration Horticole (Lemaire, André) vol.1-43 1854-1896
IL c P. Isley III: Tillandsia 1987
JH p Journal de la Societé Nationale d'Horticulture de France 3ser. vol.11 1889
KH h Kew Herbarium INTERNET 9/2011
LA c T. Lea: The beauty of the bromeliads 1984
LM c E.M.C. Leme & C. Marigo: Bromeliads in the Brazilian wilderness 1993
LN c E.M.C. Leme: Nidularium - Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest 2000
MB c Botanic Garden Meise - Livcol (Living plant images) INTERNET 8/2015
MI p Morren Icons, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
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PK c R. Parkhurst: The book of bromeliads and Hawaiian flowers 2000
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SB c Bromélia (Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Bromélias) vol.1-7 1994-2005
SD d L.B. Smith & R.J. Downs: Flora Neotropica Mon.14 1974,1977,1979 ; FNM14 includes drawings of earlier Smith publications, given here only under SD
SG c A. Steens: Bromeliads for the contemporary garden 2003
SM c F. Oliva-Esteve & J.A. Steyermark: Bromeliacae of Venezuela 1992
ST c H. Shimizu & H. Takizawa: New Tillandsia Handbook 1998
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WG p Wiener Illustrierte Garten-Zeitung vol.18 1893
WH h Wien Herbarium, Institute of Botany INTERNET 10/2015
WM c Bromeliad Society of Australia: Growing bromeliads 3rd edition 2006 (Ed. D. & C. Cornale)
WN c L. Wilson: Bromeliads for modern living 1977
WS c R. & C. Wilson: Bromeliads in cultivation 1963
WY c S. Zaghini: Bromeliads, next generation 2000
WZ c K. Zimmer: Bromelien, Botanik und Anzucht 1986
ZX c Bromtravels www.bromtravels.nl INTERNET 2015
ZY Miscellaneous publications

Charactercodes used for default type of picture:

# = platenumber is used instead of (standard) pagenumber
% = incomplete coverage of specified publication
b = b&w photograph ; c = color photograph ; d = b&w drawing
h = herbarium specimen ; p = painting or drawing in color (aquarel, gouache, litho etc.)

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