Table of contents 'Bromélia' 1994 - 2005 (major articles)

   1(1) 1994  Samyn, G. & F. Thomas: The Belgians and the bromeliads: Part I - The 19th century: Belgium becomes an horticultural nation
Leme, E.M.C.: Vriesea imperialis: our cover bromeliad
Kämpf, A.N. & L.M. Ordovas: Induction of flowering in Vriesea incurvata Gaudichaud using ethephon
Nahoum, P.: Interference in evolutionary processes caused by bromeliad cultivation
Nunes Oliveira, M.G. et al.: The animal community associated with the tank bromeliad Neoregelia cruenta (R. Graham) L.B. Smith
Silva, J.C.: Sifted gravel: a new substrate option
Leuzinger Carvalho, V.: Bromeliads, a passion
Leme, E.M.C.: Aechmea fasciata: emblem of the SBBr
Nevares Carvalho, L.F.: The bromeliad exhibition at the Banco Boavista
   1(2) 1994  Luther, H.E.: Some thoughts on bromeliad horticulture and conservation
Calasans, C.F. & O. Malm: Using Tillandsia usneoides to monitor air pollution by mercury
Leme, E.M.C. & A. Costa: Vriesea saundersii and Vriesea botafogensis, two distinct species
Silva, J.C.: Bromeliads from Rio Grande do Sul - I. Itapuã State Park
Menescal, R.: Opting for bromeliads
Leme, E.M.C.: Quesnelia edmundoi and its varieties
   1(3) 1994  Palazzo jr., J.T.: Bromeliads as a tool in nature education
Till, W. & S.: A new unusual Pepinia species from Venezuela (P. leopoldii)
Nevares Carvalho, L.F.: Impressions from Southern California
Braconnot, I.: Esthetics and the choice of a vase
Strehl, T.: Periodically submerged bromeliads
Leme, E.M.C.: Aechmea araneosa L.B. Smith
   1(4) 1994  Pizo, M.A.: Bromeliad use by Atlantic forest birds at Fazenda Intervales in southeastern Brazil
Menescal, R.: Bromeliad propagation from seed
Martins, L.: A trip to the Amazon
Kämpf, A.N.: Leaf fertilization of Aechmea fasciata (Lindley) Baker
Johnson, C.: Greetings from Florida
Leme, E.M.C. & A. Costa: New bromeliad varieties from Rio de Janeiro state (Vriesea carinata var. mangaratibensis and Aechmea weilbachii var. albipetala)
   2(1) 1995  Luther, H.E.: Notes on the genus Mezobromelia
Oliveira, R.R. & A.S. Zau: An alternative tree-climbing method
Butcher, D.: Brazilian bromeliads in Australia
Madeira, J.A. et al.: Colonization processes of associated tank communities in two bromeliads from the Maricá restinga
   2(2) 1995  Luther, H.E.: Neoregelia fosteriana: What is it ?
Luther, H.E. & E.M.C. leme: A new species of Neoregelia from the Itatiaia region (N. lactea)
Samyn, G. & F. Thomas: The Belgians and the bromeliads: Part II - The 20th century
Woods, D.: A grower's guide to bromeliad judging
Leme, E.M.C.: Billbergia pyramidalis and its varieties
Tardivo, R.C.: Two new species of Nidularium from Paraná, Brazil (N. exostigmum, N. gracile)
   2(3) 1995  Leme, E.M.C.: A new species of Cryptanthus from Espírito Santo (C. acaulis)
Kämpf, A.N.: Expanded clay: a good substrate for potted bromeliads
Leme, E.M.C.: Contribution to the study of the genus Alcantarea - I
Grant, J.R.: A synopsis of the genus Alcantarea
Sluys, M. van & D.F. Stotz: Patterns of hummingbird visitation to Vriesea neoglutinosa in Espírito Santo, southeastern Brazil
   2(4) 1995  Costa, A.: The true identity of Vriesea triligulata Mez
Butcher, D.: Brazilian bromeliads in Australia - II
Senna, M.: Artificial key to the genus Cryptanthus
Luther, H.E.: Notes on the genus Pepinia
Leme, E.M.C.: Studies of the section Xiphion (Vriesea) - I
Buzato, S. & M.& A.Sazima: Bat pollination of Vriesea in Southeastern Brazil
Luther, H.E.: A new Pepinia from Southeastern Peru (P. tatzyanae)
   3(1) 1996  Melo, T.B.: Bromeliads in the landscape
Luther, H.E.: A new Guzmania species from Central Panama (G. elvallensis)
Graeff, O.R. & Y.V. Pagani: The fire - molasses-grass assocation and the diappearance of Alcantarea imperialis
Rocha, C.F.D. et al.: The effect of fire on natural populations of Vriesea neoglutinosa in a relict restinga of Espírito Santo state
Leme, E.M.C.: Our cover bromeliad: Vriesea languida L.B. Smith
Leme, E.M.C. & W. Till: A new species of Hohenbergia from Bahia - a tribute to Roberto Burle Marx (H. burle-marxii)
Senna, M.: Growing Cryptanthus plants
   3(2) 1996  Nahoum, P.I.: An expedition to Mount Roraima
Leme, E.M.C.: A new species from the Lost World (Connellia nahoumii)
Fischer, E.A. & A.C. Araujo: The bromeliad flora of the Rio Verde estuary (Juréia, São Paulo): a comparison with other neotropical communities
Occhi, R.C. & L. Jesus Neves: Leaf anatomy of four Tillandsia species
   3(3) 1996  Zornig, R.K.: Micropropagation of bromeliads
Leme, E.M.C.: Vriesea recurvata, our cover bromeliad
Luther, H.E.: A new Aechmea from Brazil (A. leonard-kentiana)
Nievola, C.C. & H. Mercier: The importance of leaf and root systems in nitrate assimilation in Vriesea fosteriana
Luther, H.E.: Guzmania elvallensis: further notes
Leuzinger Carvalho, V.: The first photograph of a bromeliad in the wild
Leme, E.M.C.: A new species in the path of a hydroelelectric (Aechmea bruggeri)
Menescal, R.: Growing bromeliads - reproduction by offshoots
Girko, B.: Bromeliads on postage stamps
Ricciardi, I. & S.M. Lopes: Active transport in bromeliads
Grant, J.R.: The taxonomic and nomenclatural history behind Vriesea platzmannii and Vriesea lancifolia
   3(4) 1996  Alves, M.A.S., C.F.D. Rocha & M. van Sluys: Population recovery rates in Vriesea neoglutinosa 15 months after a wildfire
Smith, L.B. & E.J. Gouda: A new bromeliad species from French Guiana (Bromelia granvillei)
Nevares Carvalho, L.F.: Variegation in bromeliads
Leuzinger Carvalho, M.: First international bromeliad photography contest
Ryde, R.: Brazil, my second country
Chedier, L.M. & M.A.C. Kaplan: Chemical ecology of three species of Bromeliaceae
Till, W.: Tillandsia buchlohii Rauh, new to the flora of Brazil
   4(1) 1997  Gouda, E.J. & W. Till: Aechmea maasii: a new species from Brazil
Leuzinger Carvalho, V.: Bromeliads in the mountains
Wendt, T. & C.C. Chamas: The true identity of eastern Brazilian Pitcairnias
Till, W. & L. Hromadnik: An unusual new Deuterocohnia from Bolivia (D. bracteosa)
Siqueira Filho, J.A.: Ecology and distribution of Canistrum aurantiacum
Grant, J.R.: Synopsis of the genus Werauhia
Leme, E.M.C.: Cover bromeliad: Aechmea saxicola
   4(2) 1997  Oliveira, F.M.: Cachoeira da Fumaça, Caeté-Açu, Bahia
Leme, E.M.C., H. Halbritter & G. Gortan: A new species of Vriesea from Espírito Santo (V. calimaniana)
Oliveira, M.G.N. & C.F.D. Rocha: The effect of the complexity of the tank bromeliad Neoregelia cruenta on the associated animal community
Baracho, G.S.: Vegetative propagation in the Bromeliaceae
Leme, E.M.C.: Contribution to the study of the genus Alcantarea - II
   4(3) 1997  Villela, P.A.: Down the pathways of Fazenda do Frade
Luther, H.E.: A new Pepinia from eastern Colombia (P. sanguinea)
Costa, A.: Note on the Herbarium and Botanic Garden of the University of Liège, Belgium: importance of the collections and the example of Vriesea morreniana
redaction: Cow urine: an excellent fertilizer for pineapple
Tamaki, V. & H. Mercier: Diurnal variation in vacuolar acidity and PEP-carboxylase activity in Tillandsia pohliana Mez grown in vitro
Butcher, D.: Brazilian bromeliads in Australia revisited
Leme, E.M.C.: Contribution to the study of the genus Alcantarea - III
   4(4) 1997  Silva, B.R.: Bromeliads from Serra do Tabuleiro, Santa Catarina state
Rocha, C.F.D. et al.: Bromeliads: biodiversity amplifiers
Plever, H.: Lyman B. Smith - an appreciation
Strehl, T.: New bromeliads from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - I (Dyckia ibicuiensis)
redaction: Incentive program for research on bromeliads
Vandervort, D.: Venezuela, home of Glomeropitcairnia erectiflora
Leme, E.M.C.: Puya raimondii, sentry of the Andes
Luther, H.E.: A new miniature Puya from southern Bolivia (P. pusilla)
   5(1-4) 1998  Siqueira Filho, J.A.: Floral biology of Hohenbergia ridley (Baker) Mez
Luther, H.E.: A not so new miniature Puya from southern Bolivia, further notes
Forzza, R.C.: Encholirium: a threatened genus
Luther, H.E. & E.M.C. Leme: A new Canistrum species from Bahia (Canistrum lanigerum)
Benzing, D.H. & K. Stiles: Seed dispersal by fleshy-fruited bromeliads: misconceptions and directions for deeper inquiry about mechanisms
Leme, E.M.C.: Four names: doubts and certainties
Till, W.: A new lithophytic Tillandsia from the interior of Brazil (T. barrosoae)
Menescal, R.: Visit to the South of Brazil
Miranda, A.: Searching for Aechmea tocantina
Forzza, R.C. & M.G.L. Wanderley: Pollen morphology in Dyckia, Encholirium and Pitcairnia
Almeida, D.R., L. Cogliatti-Carvalho & C.F.D. Rocha: Bromeliads of the Atlantic forest at Ilha Grande, RJ: species composition and diversity of three habitats
Luther,H.E.: Pitcairnia undulata: a misplaced species
Santos, R.L. & M.G. Almeida: Presence of Sesarma angustipes Dana 1852 (Crustacea) in Hohenbergia sp. tanks at Ponta do Cotovelo (Parnamirim, RN)
Gravatta, B.: Sighting of a rarity: Vriesea hieroglyphica var. zebrina
Strehl, T. & G. Rohde: New bromeliads from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - II (Tillandsia aeranthos var. alba)
Leme, E.M.C.& G.S. Baracho: A new species of Hohenbergia from Bahia (H. itamarajuensis)
   6(1-4) 2001  Leme, E.M.C.: A new ornamental species of Vriesea from Bahia (V. dictyographa)
Cogliatti-Carvalho, L. et al.: Bromeliads from Ilha Grande
Miranda, A.: Bromeliads of the Cerrado - I: Aechmea bromeliifolia var. albobracteata
Menescal, R.: Interview with Elton Leme
Sluys, M. van et al.: Rates of pollinator visitation to Vriesea procera at Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Southeastern Brazil
Leuzinger Carvalho, V.: Conservation & collecting - an ethical/ecological approach
Miranda, A.: Organizing a collection
Fontoura, T.: Bromeliaceae and other epiphytes - stratification and other resources available to animals at the Jacarepiá State Ecological Reserve in Rio de Janeiro
Souza, M.F.L. & E.C.G. Couto: Threats to the natural populations of tank-bromeliads: environmental degradation and non-sustainable use in Sergipe
Pereira, M.C.A.: 2nd international photography contest
Nievola, C.C., H. Mercier & N. Majerowicz: Urea - A possible source of organic nitrogen for tank bromeliads
Tardivo, R.C. & A.C. Cervi: Notes on the occurrence of Pitcairnia l'Héritier in the state of Paraná
   7(1) 2005  Fontoura, T., V.S. Dutra & J.F. Souza: Distribution of epiphytic bromeliads in "sapucaias" (Lecythis pisonis)
Cogliatti-Carvalho, L. et al.: Vertical distribution, substrate use and habits of Ilha Grande Atlantic forest bromeliads
redaction: Award winning photographs from the last SBBr photography contest
redaction: Interview with Gustavo Martinelli