Table of contents 'Bromeliaceae' vol.39-52, Bromeliad Society of Queensland 2005 - 2018 (selected articles)

vol.39   vol.45   vol.50  
   39(1) 2005    Butcher, D.: Tillandsia 'Enano'
Reilly, B.: Book reviews - P. Koide (BSI): A bromeliad glossary (1998, 2nd ed.) and B. Williams (BSA): Growing bromeliads (1990, 2nd ed.)
Reilly, B.: Growing tips, fertilizing, watering etc. of bromeliads
   39(2) 2005   Reilly, B.: Some miniature Neoregelias
Catlan, J.: Your own potting mix
Reilly, B.: Library book reviews part 1 - V. Padilla: Bromeliads (1973), The colourfull bromeliads (1981) and W Rauh: Bromeliads for home, garden and greenhouse (1979, transl. P. Temple)
Catlan, J.: Streptocalyx biflorus and light
Catlan, J.: Air and potted bromeliads
   39(3) 2005   Stenhouse, R.: A few tips on taking photographs of bromeliads
Reilly, B.: Growing Pitcairnias and Pepinias
Hudson, L.: Aechmea lueddemanniana and beautiful cultivars
   39(4) 2005   Coutts, P.: Neoregelia 'Blushing Pride'
Catlan, J.: Aechmea 'Aztec Gold'
Smythe, R.: The ultimate method for controlling mosquitoes in bromeliads
Reilly, B.: Rapid vegetative proagation of Alcantareas
Reilly, B.: Library book reviews part 2 - E. Leme: Canistrum - Bromeliads of the Atlantic Forest (1997) and L. Kiff: A distributional checklist of the genus Tillandsia (1991)
Paroz, P.: Propagation of caulescent Tillandsias
   39(5) 2005   Paroz, P.: Notes for new growers - Seed raising
Butcher, D.: Vriesea 'Elfie' and 'Elfie Natascha'
Smythe, R.: Aechmea 'Forest Fire' - alliance
Reilly, B.: Growing grey-leafed Tillandsias in pots & Albino bromeliads
Lawn, G.: Darkest delights (anthocyanins in bromeliads with dark leaves)
   39(6) 2005   Reilly, B.: Influence of grey-leaved Tillandsia-species in hybrid crosses
Reilly, B.: More on variegation
Reilly, B.: Library book reviews part 3 - P. Isley: Tillandsia (1987) and U. & U. Baensch: Blooming Bromeliads (1994)
Butcher, D.: Aechmea 'Lalinda'
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia 'Yellow Devil'
Smythe, R.: Neoregelia concentrica and it's hybrids
Paroz, P.: Tillandsia punctulata Schltdl. & Cham.
Reilly, B.: Some medium-sized Neoregelias
Stenhouse, R.: Aechmea 'Perez'
   40(1) 2006    Stenhouse, R.: Orthophytum 'Warren Loose' revisited
Smythe, R.: Neoregelias and light - part 1
Steens, A.: Canistropsis (reprint)
Reilly, B.: Growing Nidulariums
Reilly, B.: Growing Catopsis
Butcher, D.: Billbergia 'Windigig Special'
   40(2) 2006    Reilly, B.: Book review: The Tillandsia tectorum complex, by L. Hromadnik (2005)
Butcher, D.: Billbergia 'Medowie Gift Pinkie'
Reilly, B.: Growing Billbergias
Reilly, B.: Water quality issues
Colgan, L.: Ever improving cultivars of Aechmea fasciata
Wiley, C.A.: Water and good growing (reprint)
Oishi, D.: Experiments with water supply (reprint)
Smythe, R.: Neoregelias and light - part 2
   40(3) 2006    Reilly, B.: Cryptanthus 'It': the story behind the plant
Skotak, C.: Hannibal, Norman and Tunisia (on Neoregelia, reprint)
Reilly, B.: Neoregelia carcharodon
Reilly, B.: Aechmea nudicaulis revisited
Foster, M.B.: How to recognize a Guzmania: a guide for the layman (reprint)
Reilly, B.: More Guzmanias
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia lilliputiana
Higgins, J.: Neoregelia 'Nancy Dee'
Smythe, R.: What goes on inside a bromeliad's leaf ?
   40(4) 2006    Lawn, G.: Watering and wetting agents for bromeliads
Smythe, R.: Fertilizers
Reilly, B.: A beginner's guide to producing bromeliad seed
Rutledge, A. & H. Kendall: Aechmeas from seed to seed (reprint)
Reilly, B.: Hybrid variation
Ching, L.: Bulbous Tillandsias (reprint in part)
Reilly, B.: Growing Aechmeas
Champagne, L.P.: Water (reprint)
   40(5) 2006    Reilly, B.: Book review - D.P. Bartholomew et al.: The pineapple, botany, production and uses (2003)
Reilly, B.: Growing Vrieseas
Wurthmann, E.: Consider growing Vrieseas
Lawn, G.: Radical reds revisited
Paul, M.: Why Alcantareas lean ?
Butcher, D.: Vriesea 'Jeanie' now 'Jeanies Feather'
Killingley, E.: Pollination of bromeliads (reprint)
   40(6) 2006    Burstrom, J.: Vriesea 'Plantation Pride' (reprint)
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia 'The Rose' now 'Lokelani'
Butcher, D.: Deuterocohnia brevispicata
Hodgson, C.: Bromeliads in Australia (reprint)
Lawn, G.: Neoregelia ampullacea variants (reprint)
Reilly, B.: Vriesea rubyae
Reilly, B.: Some Neoregelias
Stenhouse, R.: Bromeliad tissue culture laboratory comes to Queensland
Butcher, D.: Tillandsia 'Kashkin' revisited in 2006
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia 'Queen of Spots' a hybrid by Allan Freeman - parents unknown
Butcher, D.: Canistropsis seidelii var. welteri
   41(1) 2007    Reilly, B.: More miniature Neoregelias - part 1
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia concentrica 'Albomarginate' now called 'Bill Morris'
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia simulans that is really Neoregelia laevis
McPherson, S.: The carnivorous bromeliads
Goode, G.: Cryptanthus experience (reprint)
Jordan, E.: Zeolites in horticulture (reprint)
Stenhouse, R.: Some ideas about using perlite
   41(2) 2007    O'Dea, M.: Cutaneous sprorotrichosis (in sphagnum moss)
Smythe, R.: One day in the garden (on Neo's)
Butcher, D.: Vriesea morrenii or green on green on green
Butcher, D.: Nidularium 'Orange Innocent'
Butcher, D.: Aechmea nudicaulis
Stenhouse, R.: Growing from seed can befun
Stenhouse, R.: The trouble with Orthophytums
Harmer, D.: Orchids and digital photography: tips for the beginner (reprint)
Stenhouse, R.: Advanced digital photography
Padilla, V.: To feed or not to feed (reprint)
Taylor, R.K.: Speculation on the starting of side shoots (reprint)
   41(3) 2007    Reilly, B.: Some medium-sized Neoregelias: part 1
Stenhouse, R.: Cryptanthus - they are interesting
Butcher, D.: Fosterella villosula is really Fosterella latifolia
Enders, B.: Neoregelia lilliputiana
DeLeon, N.: Solving the 'Fireball' mystery (reprint)
Butcher, D.: 'Fireball'/'Red of Rio' (reprint)
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia 'Fireball' hybrids (reprint)
Lawn, G.: Neoregelia 'La Nina'
   41(4) 2007    Reilly, B.: Bromeliad growing tips
Paroz, P.: Cultural corner - Winter care - Root rot and heart rot
Reilly, B.: Guzmanias at the 2007 Autumn show
Butcher, D.: Aechmea 'Que Sera Superior'
Stenhouse, R.: Aechmea winkleri
Stenhouse, R.: Charcoal and broms
Butcher, D.: Billbergia 'Nez Misso'
Butcher, D.: Vriesea flammea versus Vriesea poenulata
Barry, D.: Notes on the intensity of colour in spikes of Tillandsias (reprint)
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia macwilliamsii
Smythe, R.: Neoregelia 'Brazil'
Butcher, D.: Is Neoregelia correia-araujoi a natural hybrid ?
   41(5) 2007    Reilly, B.: Book reviews - A. Steens: Bromeliads - the connoisseur's guide (2007) and J.A. Siqueira Filho & E.M.C. Leme: Fragments of the Atlantic Forest of Northeast Brazil: biodiversity, conservation and the bromeliads (2007)
Smythe, R.: Fungi in bromeliads
Reilly, B.: Vegetative propagation
Paroz, P.: Bromeliad trichomes
Johnson, C.: Fruiting bromeliads (reprint)
Paroz, P.: Calcium nitrate
Smythe, R.: Orthophytum gurkenii
Butcher, D.: Vriesea 'Nigra' et al.
Colgan, L.: Caring for Tillandsia clumps
Stenhouse, R.: Ants as pollinators for bromeliads
Stenhouse, R.: Aechmea miniata var. discolor
Stenhouse, R.: Yet another detective story (reprints)
Smythe, R.: Some tips for growing bromeliads in tropical Queensland (reprint)
Stenhouse, R.: What is a dichotomous sub-key ?
   41(6) 2007    Reilly, B.: Plants at the 2007 spring show
Butcher, D.: Tillandsia 'Splitenz'
Smythe, R.: Black Neoregelias
Butcher, D.: Grace Goode's miniature Neoregelia hybrids
Coutts, P.: Collecting adventure in Ecuador - a dream come true
Dimmitt, M.A.: Intraspecific variation in Tillandsia: selecting superior forms (reprint)
Paroz, P.: Tillandsia usneoides in bio-monitoring (compilation)
   42(1) 2008    Lawn, G.: Cryptanthus - glowing stars on earth
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia carcharodon now 'Blue Shark'
Butcher, D.: Hohenbergia lanata leads to Aechmea floribunda
Smythe, R.: The night flowering Alcantarea edmundoi
Stenhouse, R.: Tissue culture bromeliads
Lawn, G.: Growing bromeliads in the tropics
Butcher, D.: Aechmea 'Pinegrove Lass' or is it x Billnelia 'Sebastian Laruelle' ?
Voss, E.W. de: Nutritional needs of Guzmania 'Ostara', a cultivated bromeliad
Butcher, D.: Guzmania 'Penny Wise' was Guzmania pennellii
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia uleana
   42(2) 2008    Smythe, R.: Believe it or not, but it is all true (on pups)
Aizlewood, G.: Tillandsia workshop
Reilly, B.: Book review - C. Skotak: Searching for Miss Fortuna - the hunt for a bromeliad (2008)
Butcher, D.: x Neostropsis 'B-Fire' versus 'Shadeball'
Reilly, B.: Bromeliads at the 2008 BSQ autumn show
Honeywood, V.: Discover Billbergias (reprint)
Bert, T.M.: Living in the understory with Canistrum and Canistropsis (reprint)
Smythe, R.: Restoring variegations
Reilly, B. (compiler): Premature pupping (reprint)
Reilly, B.: Hohenbergia leopoldo-horstii
   42(3) 2008    Butcher, D.: x Guzvriesea 'Jeannie' versus 'Marian Oppenheimer'
Lawn, G.: Bromeliads "blacklisted" (dark foliage, reprint)
Lawn, G.: Bromeliads in hanging baskets (reprint)
Longley, D.: Bromeliad leaf forms (reprint)
Plever, H.: More unfamiliar genera - L to N- plus 9 bigenerics (reprint)
Bert, T.M.: Growing Alcantarea (reprint)
Johnson, C.: The (very) small Vrieseas (reprint)
Morgan, S.: Growing large Vrieseas from seed (reprint)
Percival, J.: The case for the Tillandsia, an appraisal (reprint)
Vries, T. de: Solutions: growing Cryptanthus in the cold (reprint)
   42(4) 2008    Butcher, D.: Tillandsia crocata 'Rutschmann's Orange'
Smythe, R.: x Neobergiopsis 'Pinegrove' or Neoregelia 'Pinegrove Puzzle'
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia pineliana (Lemaire) L.B. Smith (reprint)
Butcher, D.: A new nothogenus - x Neobergiopsis (reprint)
Paroz, P.: Winter care of bromeliads
Butcher, D.: Guzmania 'Gisela' etc.
Giroux, L.: Bromeliad expose: Orthophytums (reprint)
Lowe, M.: Bromeliads in the landscape (reprint)
Wurthmann, E.: Consider growing Vrieseas (reprint)
Smythe, R.: Neoregelia 'Phyllis' and Neoregelia 'Red Gold'
Smythe, R.: Growing white variegates from seed, everything that you must know
Plever, M.H.: Plever's pills (flower induction)
   42(5) 2008    Binns, D.: A personal encounter with some Ecuadorian Pitcairnias
Strehl, T.: New bromeliads, genus Dyckia, from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (D. jonesiana, nigrospinulata, vicentensis, waechteri)
Plever, H.: Good root systems make strong plants (reprint)
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia 'Heart Music' and 'Heart Music Too'
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia 'Marble Throat' hybrids
Smythe, R.: Mosquitos and bromeliads in Townsville
   42(6) 2008    Reilly, B.: Neoregelias at the 2008 spring show
Butcher, D.: Aechmea serrata
Smythe, R.: Nola's dilemma (on fungi)
Larson, C.: Some tips on why, when and how you take pups
Cullen, C.: Neoregelia 'Heart Music'
Lawn, G.: Visit to a Sunshine Coast, Queensland collection
   43(1) 2009    Smythe, R.: Recent Neoregelia breeding
Butcher, D.: Billbergia distachia 'Purple Haze'
Smythe, R.: Decisive action needed - S.O.S. Neoregelia 'Heart Music'
Smythe, R.: Weird and unusual places to grow bromeliads
Little, R.: Aechmea serrata/smithiorum
   43(2) 2009    Butcher, D.: Vriesea 'Snow-White'
Lawn, G.: How long can bromeliads live ?
Paroz, P.: Tillandsia cyanea and Tillandsia lindenii
Smythe, R.: Bromeliads and the seasons
   43(3) 2009    Smythe, R.: Striking offshoots
Butcher, D.: Morobe mess
Smythe, R.: blanchetiana or not a blanchetiana that is the question ?
Butcher, D.: x Nidumea loeseneri now Aechopsis 'Lioness'
Paroz, P.: Nutrition notes
   43(4) 2009    Butcher, D.: Edmundoa 'Alvim Seidel'
Dunstan, B.: Variegated Alcantareas
Stenhouse, R.: What is "quilling" ?
Smythe, R.: Exciting rare Alcantarea>/i>s found growing in Brisbane (part 1 and 2)
Butcher, D.: Aechmea 'Polyantha' (nudicaulis x 'Maginali')
Head, O.: The best time to remove pups (reprint)
   43(5) 2009    Butcher, D.: Tillandsia 'Silver and Rose'
Butcher, D.: Portea petropolitana var. extensa
Reilly, B.: Quarantine project update
Butcher, D.: Bromeliad species and variegation
Horne, D.: Variegated + albomarginata Neoregelias when is much toooo white ?
Larson, C.: Some tips on why, when and how you take pups (reprint)
Heer, T. & T. Montgomery: CAM metabolism (reprint)
Williams, J.: Making a miniature bromeliad tree (reprint)
   43(6) 2009    Butcher, D.: Names and synonyms
Paroz, P.: Premature flowering of bromeliads
Reilly, B.: Book review - R. Ehlers: The green-blooming small grey Tillandsias from Mexico (2009)
Flower, A.: Pollen stretching (reprint)
Butcher, D.: Aechmea caudata
Butcher, D.: Aechmea caudata versus eipperi (or 'Grace's Blue') (reprint)
Stansfield, G.: Aechmea fasciata - real "stunners" with an interesting history
Herndon, A.: Proposal for a bromeliad clone preservation project
   44(1) 2010    Smythe, R.: Alcantarea 'Nova' aff. patriae RSS vs. Alcantarea extensa
Butcher, D.: Vriesea 'Goldfinger'
Ferris, O.: The upper puppers (reprint)
Smythe, R.: Alcantarea turgida
Butcher, D.: Bromelia balansae in Australia
Butcher, D.: Tillandsia 'Hal's Nidus'
   44(2) 2010    Butcher, D.: Tillandsia 'Scurfy'
Butcher, D.: Aechmea 'Starbrite'
Butcher, D.: Guzmania 'Pink Nova'
Reilly, B.: Databases of bromeliad names
   44(3) 2010    Smythe, R.: Bromeliads on trees
Butcher, D.: Guzmania lingulata
O'Dea, P.: Quesnelias (reprint)
Smythe, R.: Wild seed
Unsworth, S.: Growing conditions can radically affect the size and colour of big Neoregelias
Butcher, D.: Canistrum aurantiacum
Paroz, P.R.: Flower induction and inhibition in bromeliads
   44(4) 2010    Butcher, D.: x Quesmea 'Lyman'
Wilson, M.: Bromeliads on YouTube and the Internet
Butcher, D.: Tillandsia 'Uluru'
Butcher, D.: The link between Billbergia 'Leodiensis' and Billbergia 'Elvenia Slosson'
Smythe, R.: Hohenbergia lanata it is not - try Aechmea (Hoh.) 'Whyanbeel'
   44(5) 2010    Butcher, D.: Tillandsia 'Silver Candelabra'
Paroz, P.: Plant nutrition - Calcium and Magnesium, the neglected nutrients
Butcher, D.: Aechmea 'Freca Rosea'
Smythe, R.: Alcantareas in Australia
   44(6) 2010    Lowe, M.: Bromeliads in the landscape (reprint)
Plever, H.: Genus Neoregelia (reprint)
Martin, H.: Seed raising - simplicity works
Flower, A.: The case of the mysterious Druid (reprint)
Reilly, B.: Tillandsia roezzli
Butcher, D.: Tillandsia 'Victoria'

vol.39   vol.45   vol.50  
   45(1) 2011    Dunstan, B.: Travels in southern Peru
Paroz, P.: Bromeliad ant plants
Butcher, D.: Alcantarea 'Blok'
Butcher, D.: Neoregelia 'Big Bands'
Reilly, B.: Book reviews - J. Catlan: Bromeliads under the mango tree (2009), P. Isley: Tillandsia II (2009) and A. Steens: Bromeliads for the contemporary garden (rev. ed. 2010)
Steens, A.: Cold sensitivity in bromeliads (reprint)
Paroz, P. (compiler): Carnivorous bromeliads
   45(2) 2011    Butcher, D.: Neoregelia 'Red of Rio'
Dunstan, B.: Travels in Panama
Butcher, D.: Tillandsia 'Kaoldii' or is it kolbii ?
Paroz, P.: Plant nutrition sulphur: the forgotten element
Sanewski, G.: Ananas for the cut-flower and garden markets
Reilly, B.: Using liquid fertilizers
   45(3) 2011    Paroz, P. (compiler): Notes on Cryptanthus (reprint)
Stansfield, G.: Getting pups to root quickly (reprint)
Stansfield, G.: Warning: treated pine and broms do not mix ! (reprint)
Head, O.: Tips for summer growing (reprint)
   45(4) 2011    Dunstan, B.: Ecuador travels
Paroz, P.: Tillandsia umbellata (reprint)
Butcher, D.: Cryptanthus 'Bonnie'
Olsen, J.: Roma Street Parklands
Aizlewood, N.: The roving reporter revisited (on a Queensland garden)
Wilson, M.: Report on the 16th Australian bromeliad conference in Darwin, april 2011
   45(5) 2011    Dunstan, B.: Colombia (travels)
Clarke, P.: Hints on growing Dyckia, Hechtia and Puya (reprint)
Paroz, P.: A technique for maximum offset production
Paroz, P.: Tillandsia 'Ivory' a new Tillandsia registration
Smythe, A.: How to make the canola oil spray
   46(1) 2012    Larson, C.: A matter of energy (about bromeliad-related misconceptions)
Butcher, D.: Tillandsia 'Chalky White' in Australia
Paroz, P.: Vriesea espinosae (reprint in part)
Varley, W.: Tillandsia usneoides - the non-botanical side (reprint)
Guild, G.: Why the Europeans ? (introduction of bromeliads, reprint)
Smythe, R.: Small growing Alcantareas in southeast Queensland
Smythe, R.: Growing from seed
Lineham, T.U.: What is a "type" ? (reprint)
Wolfe, T.: Vriesea gigantea
   46(2) 2012    Butcher, D.: Vriesa pardalina and Vriesea guttata compared
Moriarty, H.: Report to BSQ committee for autumn show 2012; Trophy winners and competition entries
Dimmitt, M.A.: Additional notes on breeding superior Tillandsias (reprint)
Olsen, J.: Some characteristics of Tillandsias in hybrids
Butcher, D.: Vriesea 'Highway Beauty' and Vriesea 'Roro'
   46(3) 2012    Butcher, D.: Nidularium 'Red Queen'
Butcher, D.: The shy Tillandsia (T. schiedeana)
Butt, L.: Bromeliad culture in Queensland, Australia (reprint)
Murray, R.: Root rot and heart rot
Dunstan, B.: Colombia revisited
Plever, H.: Chester Skotak's new miniature hybrids
Booth Tate, K.: Introducing x Aechbergiopsis 'PITA'
Olsen, J.: Growing Tillandsia
   46(4) 2012    Butcher, D.: Neoregelia 'Bullis's Margaret'
Aizlewood, N.: The roving reporter revisited (on the Queensland garden of J. Olsen)
Olsen, J.: A large Tillandsia: Tillandsia krukoffiana
Lawn, G.: Aechmea 'Pagoda' (reprint)
Olsen, J.: BSI Conference (2012 Orlando)
Paroz, P.: Potting mixes; past & present, part 1
Cameron, M.: Exciting new imports
Stenhouse, R.: Hybridist's corner
Timmins, D.: Alcantarea "skirts" ... better on or off ? (reprint)
Smythe, R.: Crossing bromeliads
   47(1) 2013    Butcher, D.: Vriesea 'Gemma'
Olsen, J.: Florida bromeliads in habitat
Dunstan, B.: Tillandsia oerstediana
Dunstan, B.: Tillandsia 'Bob's Amigo'
Hudson, B.: xerographica hybrid
Aizlewood, G.: What's in the mix ?
Paroz, P.: Terminology
Paroz, P.: Feral bromeliads
Olsen, J.: Book reviews - H.E. Luther & D.H. Benzing: Native bromeliads of Florida (2009), M. Patterson: Bromeliad hybrids (part 2, 2012) and J. Maruska: World of Tillandsias (2012)
   47(2) 2013    Olsen, J.: A matter of pies and space (on seedlings)
Trevor, R. & O.: Cool Broms Conference
Reilly, B.: Bromeliad quarantine update
Aizlewood, N.: Roving reporter (on a Queensland garden)
Butcher, D.: Blank labels or the next best thing !
Butcher, D.: Plants with variegated forms named in Latin under the ICBN rules
Olsen, J.: Book review - D.H. Benzing: Air plants - Epiphytes and aerial gardens
   47(3) 2013    Butcher, D.: Pitcairnia inermis
Murray, B.: Tillandsia workshop
Coulthard, C. & J.: Bromeliads for all ages
Olsen, J.: Top ten Tillandsia species
Born, S.: Living with large black ants in bromeliads
Higgins, L.: Fertilizer confusion
Paroz, P.: Tillandsia secunda
Catlan, J.: Aechmea recurvata 'Aztec Gold' - believe it or not (reprint)
   47(4) 2013    Dunstan, B.: Panama - part 1
Grant, T.: Seasol (an organic seaweed extract)
Catlan, J.: The colour in Neoregelias - believe it or not (reprint)
Hudson, L.: Variegation (reprint)
Hodgson, C.G.: Bromeliads in Australia (reprint)
   48(1) 2014    Dunstan, B.: Panama - part 2
Butcher, D. & E. Gouda: Most Ananas are cultivars
Olsen, J.: Top ten Tillandsia hybrids
   48(2) 2014    Olsen, J.: Vertical gardening
Kopfstein, R.: John Arden, hybridizer (reprint)
Butcher, D.: Billbergia buchholtzii
Higgins, L.: Family Pseudococcidae, unarmoured scalepests of bromeliads - mealybug
Luther, H.: The basic needs for Cryptanthus (reprint)
   48(3) 2014    Olsen, J.: A perfumed addition for your garden (on scent)
Plever, H.: How to remove an upper pup (reprint)
Olsen, J.: Conservation (compilation of articles)
Butcher, D.: Edmundoa lindenii that nearly was Edmundoa fragrans
   48(4) 2014    Olsen, J.: Terminology - Six thousand words in pictures
Weston, D.: Orthophytum
Catlan, J.: Vriesea hieroglyphica on the move ! - believe it or not (reprint)
Olsen, J.: Kew gardens
Murray, B.: Safe poisons management
Waters, P.: DNA analysis means many species are moving to new genera
Olsen, J.: Aechmea maria-reginae
Butcher, D.: Deuterocohnia brevifolia cultivars
Herndon, A.: Neoregelia johannis complex (reprint)
   49(1) 2015    Olsen, J.: Pendant inflorescences in bromeliads
Dunstan, B.: A traveller's homework
Murray, B.: Decorative containers for shows
Olsen, J.: Alcantarea season 2014-2015
Butcher, D.: Tillandsia capitata 'Roja', 'Rubra' or just plain 'Red'
Paroz, P.: Uses of Bromeliaceae (reprint from Benzing book)
   49(2) 2015    Information not available
   49(3) 2015    Plever, H.: Art, artists and bromeliads
Olsen, J.: Book review - U. & U. Baensch: Blooming bromeliads (1994)
Olsen, J.: Ursulaea macvaughii
Olsen, J.: The genus Vriesea, discussing Vrieseas with Mal Cameron
Phytian, A.: My thoughts on hybridizing Vrieseas
Butcher, D.: Tillandsia capitata and its identity problems (reprint)
   49(4) 2015    Lawn, G.: New registrations on BCR
Butcher, D.: Tillandsia 'Hal's Nidus' in Oz and 'Coquette' in the USA
Olsen, J.: Billbergia
Hudson, L.: Tissue culture process
Tristram, P.: 'The WOW factor'
Aizlewood, G.: Pests of bromeliads in SE Queensland
Butcher, D.: Deutercohnia lorentziana now D. abstrusa

vol.39   vol.45   vol.50  
   50(1) 2016    Olsen, J.: 2016 autumn show
Olsen, J.: Tillandsia chiapensis and its hybrids
Higgins, L.: Cultural notes for Cryptanthus (reprint)
Campbell, C.: Gardening Australia fact-sheet: remedies for diseases (reprint)
Olsen, J.: What's in a name ? (rules for species and hybrids)
McWilliams, E.: Water quality and growth of bromeliads (reprint)
   50(2) 2016    Olsen, J.: Tillandsia
Olsen, J.: Variations on a theme - Tillandsia ionantha
Higgins, L.: Pots and plant fysiology (reprint)
Olsen, J.: Tillandsia tectorum
Paroz, P.: Culture note: Root baiting
Roberts, L.: Plant disease management with fungicides (reprint)
Butcher, D.: Aechmea 'Roehrs'
Butcher, D.: Nidularium innocentii - variegate forms
   50(3) 2016    Murray, B.: Aechmea
Hunter distr. newsl.: Glass orb terrariums (reprint)
Wisnev, M.: Aechmea, its subgenera and history - how does taxonomy work ? (reprint)
Lawn, G.: More recent cultivar registrations
Tristram, P. & D. Butcher: Tillandsia 'Bak's Noddy'
Olsen, J.: Aechmea tayoensis
   51(1) 2017    Butcher, D.: Gold gold gold - Tillandsia crocata
Olsen, J.: Variations on a theme - Tillandsia ionantha
Jones, L.: Summer problems
Paroz, P.: A history of Bromeliaceae (the journal)
Phythian, A.: My Tillandsia ionantha collection
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