Botanical artists from the 20th century

Presented here are some botanical paintings made since 1960. They are 'gathered' from different collections published in books (e.g. by Shirley Sherwood and Kew Gardens) or on the internet (e.g. Smithsonian Institution, artist web-sites). My aim is to give an idea of the illustrations of bromeliads made by the many botanical artists of recent and current date.

Sergio Allevato, Brazil: Alcantarea imperialis, 2002 (left) and Malena Barretto, Brazil: Neoregelia magdalenae, 1997 (right)

Carolina de Bassi, Brazil: Guzmania musaica, 2008 (left) and Diana Carneiro, Brazil: Aechmea recurvata, 2001(right)

Etienne Demonte, Brazil: Billbergia sp., 1994 published as Billbergia sanderiana (left) and Yvonne Demonte, Brazil: Unnamed sp., 1992 (right)

Jeanito Gentilini, Brazil: Aechmea pimenti-velosoi var. glabra (left) and Linda Francis, England: Cryptanthus zonatus, 1997 (right)

Carmen Fidalgo, Brazil: Vriesea rodigasiana (left) and Annette de Jonquieres, Denmark: Neoregelia concentrica, 1989 published as Neoregelia Grande (right)

John Matyas, USA: Vriesea Mariae, 1990 (left) and Margaret Mee, England: Alcantarea glaziouana, published as Alcantarea imperialis (right)

Margaret Mee, England: Aechmea orlandiana (left) and Margaret Mee, England: Neoregelia sp., 1964 (right)

Mitsuharu Mishima, Japan: Tillandsia xerographica 1989 (left) and Alvaro Nunes, Brazil: Bromelia antiacantha, 2006 (right)

Maria Reif, Brazil: Quesnelia marmorata (left) and Dulce Nascimento, Brazil: Aechmea setigera (right)

Alice de Rezende, Brazil: Aechmea sp. (left) and Alice de Rezende, Brazil: Aechmea purpureorosea (right)

Hiroe Sasaki, Japan: Nidularium innocentii (left) and Maria Tomasi, Brazil: Tillandsia araujei, 1995 (right)

Jenevora Searight, England: Quesnelia liboniana (left B,C,D) and Patricia Villela, Brazil: Portea alatisepala, 1999 (right)

Fatima Zagonel, Brazil: Tillandsia araujei, 1999