These are the botanical paintings of bromeliads made by the author of this website.
Enjoy my trials on the artistic level, accomplished between 1990-2000.

Leo Dijkgraaf

Aechmea chantinii (left) and Aechmea weilbachii (right)

Billbergia distachia (left) and Canistrum aurantiacum (right)

Fascicularia bicolor (left) and Guzmania conifera (right)

Guzmania cultivars (left) and Guzmania scherzeriana (right)

Guzmania sanguinea var. comosa (left) and Neoregelia concentrica (right)

Pitcairnia tabuliformis(left) and Tillandsia machupicchuensis (right)

Tillandsia streptophylla (l), Tillandsia didisticha (left) and Tillandsia xerographica (r), Tillandsia cyaneae (right)

Vriesea carinata (left) and Werauhia ororiensis (right)