Welcome at the BROMTRAVELS website

For many years I am interested in a specific family of plants called "Bromeliaceae". The plants are more popularly known as bromeliads. Even if these names should not be familiar, one member of the family sure is, namely the pineapple. Bromeliads are the subject of this site, in text and image. In order to observe the plants in nature I had to travel. From Europe, where I live, to Latin America, where they grow. I included an account of these travels by giving some information and showing pictures of the countries visited. What more there is to be found on this website is described in the Intro.
All the 1500 photographs of bromeliads and some drawings, were made by the author, as well as the 450 photos of landscapes, cities and other non-bromeliad scenes. There are also 1500 drawings of bromeliads reproduced from old botanical publications. The best screen resolution to view this website is 1024x768 or higher. Some images appear as thumbnails, click and use F11 to make them full-screen. This applies also to the pictures in the title-frame above, there are 3 series with 11 pictures each. Each character of "BROMTRAVELS" hides a picture and the "S" starts a new series.

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