Bromeliaceae genera

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SubfamilyGenus# speciescountrieshabitataltitude (m)
Bromelioideae Acanthostachys2B(e) Pr Aelhf500-800
Bromelioideae Aechmea245M G H Be Es N Cr Pn Bh Ag(all),
Ak V T Gu S Gf C E P Bo B Pr A U
Tillandsioideae Alcantarea42B(e)tlho0-1500
Bromelioideae Ananas2V Gu S Gf C E P Bo B Pr Athfo0-1200
Bromelioideae Androlepis2M G H Be Cretlhfo0-1000
Bromelioideae Araeococcus9M(s) G H NCr, V T Gu S Gf C Bo Betlhfo0-500
Tillandsioideae Barfussia3C E P Bo ethf 0-1500
Bromelioideae Billbergia63M G H Be N Cr Pn Ag(Cu),
Ak C V T S Gf E P Bo B Pr AU
Navioideae Brewcaria6Vtho0-2600
Brocchinioideae Brocchinia20C V Guetlho100-2500
Bromelioideae Bromelia70M G H Be Es N Cr Ag(all),
Ak V T Gu S Gf C E P Bo B Pr A U
Bromelioideae Canistropsis11B(Atlantic forest)etlhf0-1000
Bromelioideae Canistrum13B(Atlantic forest)ethf0-1000
Tillandsioideae Catopsis19Us M G H Be N Es Cr Pn Bh Ag(all),
Ak C V T Gu S Gf E P Bo B(se)
Tillandsioideae Cipuropsis3C V T Gu S Gf E P B(nw,Amazonia)elhf50-1800
Lindmanioideae Connellia6V Gutlho1200-2800
Navioideae Cottendorfia1V B(ne)tlhfo700-2800
Bromelioideae Cryptanthus56B(e)tlhf0-500
Bromelioideae Deinacanthon1Bo Atd
Pitcairnioideae Deuterocohnia17P Bo Ch B(sw) A Prtldo500-3500
Bromelioideae Disteganthus4S Gf B(n)thf0
Pitcairnioideae Dyckia175Bo B(Amazonia,se) A U Prtlhdo0-3000
Bromelioideae Edmundoa3B(Atlantic forest)etlhf0-1000
Bromelioideae Eduandrea1B(Atlantic forest)thf1000
Pitcairnioideae Encholirium35B(ne)tldo0-1500
Bromelioideae Fascicularia1Chetlhfo0-900
Bromelioideae Fernseea2B(e)tho2000-3000
Bromelioideae Forzzaea3B(e)ldo700-1000
Pitcairnioideae Fosterella31M(s) G Es,
P Bo Pr A
Tillandsioideae Glomeropitcairnia2Ak V Tethf300-1000
Tillandsioideae Goudaea2C E P ltho 0-500
Tillandsioideae Gregbrownia4E P ethf 1800-2800
Bromelioideae Greigia35M G Es Cr,
V C E P Bo Ch
Tillandsioideae Guzmania214Us M G H Be N Cr Pn Bh Ag(all),
Ak C V T Gu S Gf E P Bo B(ne,Amazonia)
Hechtioideae Hechtia74Us(s) M G H Be N Cr Estldo0-2500
Bromelioideae Hohenbergia50G Ag(Cu,J,Pr),
Ak V T B(ne)
Bromelioideae Hohenbergiopsis1Gehf800-1800
Bromelioideae X Hohenmea1B
Bromelioideae Hoplocryptanthus8B(e)ldo500-1800
Tillandsioideae Jagrantia1Cr Pn,
ehf 0-1050
Tillandsioideae Josemania6Cr Pn,
ethf 500-2500
Bromelioideae Lapanthus2B(e)tlho600-900
Tillandsioideae Lemeltonia7M G Be H Es N Cr Pn,
C V T Gu S Gf B(n) E P
efh 0-1200
Lindmanioideae Lindmania37V Gu B(n)tlho1000-2700
Tillandsioideae Lutheria4V T Gu S Gf elth 0-1200
Bromelioideae Lymania9B(e)ehf0-500
Tillandsioideae Mezobromelia5Cr Ag(Cu,J,Ha,D),
Ak C V T Gu S Gf E P Bo B(n)
Navioideae Navia92C V Gu S B(n)tlho100-2500
Bromelioideae Neoglaziovia3B(ne)tldo0-500
Bromelioideae Neoregelia124V C E P B(Amazonia, Atlantic forest)etlhf0-1700
Bromelioideae Nidularium47B(Atlantic forest)etlhf0-1700
Bromelioideae X Niduregelia3B
Bromelioideae Ochagavia4Chtlho0-500
Bromelioideae Orthophytum58B(e)tlhdo500-1500
Pitcairnioideae Pitcairnia406M G H Be N Cr Pn Ag(all),
Ak C V T Gu S Gf E P Bo B Pr A U
Bromelioideae Portea8B(e)etldhfo0-1000
Tillandsioideae Pseudalcantarea3M G el 800-1200
Puyoideae Puya223Cr,
C V E P Bo Ch A
Bromelioideae Quesnelia23B(e)etlhfo0-2000
Tillandsioideae Racinaea78M(s) G H N Cr Pn Ag(Cu,J,D,Ha),
Ak C V T Gu S Gf E P Bo B(e,Amazonia)
Bromelioideae Rokautskyia14B(e)tlhf500-1000
Bromelioideae Ronnbergia22Cr Pn,
Navioideae Sequencia1Ctlho300-450
Bromelioideae Sincoraea11 B(e)tlhdo500-1500
Navioideae Steyerbromelia9Vlho500-2700
Tillandsioideae Stigmatodon18B(se) ld 200-1000
Tillandsioideae Tillandsia656all countriesall habitats0-4100
Bromelioideae Ursulaea2M(s)eldh500-1500
Tillandsioideae Vriesea224M G H Be N Es Cr Pn Ag(all),
Ak C V T Gu S Gf E P Bo B Pr A
Tillandsioideae Wallisia4G Be H N Cr Pn,
C V T Gu S Gf B(Amazonia) E P
efh 0-1300
Tillandsioideae Waltillia1 B(e) tlho 1000-1300
Tillandsioideae Werauhia90M G H Be N Es Cr Pn Ag(all),
Ak C V T Gu S Gf E B(n,Amazonia)
Bromelioideae Wittmackia44M Ag(all),
Ak V T Gf B(e)
Bromelioideae Wittrockia6B(Atlantic forest)etlhf0-2000
Tillandsioideae Zizkaea1Ag(D,Ha) l 500-1000

Note on number (#) of species : excluded from this count are natural hybrids, subspecies, varieties and forms.
In Vriesea are excluded the 'true Tillandsias (Grant)', they are counted in genus Tillandsia.


A=Argentina, Ag=greater Antilles, Ak=lesser Antilles, B=Brazil, Be=Belize, Bh=Bahamas
Bo=Bolivia, C=Colombia, Ch=Chili, Cr=Costa Rica, E=Ecuador, Es=El Salvador, G=Guatemala
Gf=Guiana, Gu=Guyana, H=Honduras, M=Mexico, N=Nicaragua, Pn=Panama, Pr=Paraguay
P=Peru, S=Surinam, T=Trinidad, U=Uruguay, Us=USA, V=Venezuela
Countries in Ag: (Cu=Cuba, J=Jamaica, Ha=Haiti, D=Dominican Republic, Pr=Puerto Rico)
(n)=north, (s)=south, (w)=west, (e)=east


e=epifytic, t=terrestrial, l=epilithic (saxicole), d=dry, h=humid, f=forest, o=open terrain

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